How does advertising work?

Most rates, excluding back cover, inside front and inside back cover, are reoccurring payments, automatically paid monthly. We are a small company and have found this to be the best way to keep rates down for you and make it easy for us to continue to give you great exposure while we focus on getting the magazine out to as many people as possible so that they can get to know your business better!

How long do I have to advertise with you?

We do not have contracts this year, so cancel anytime! This means you can advertise with us for a few months and cancel any time without fear of a penalty. To cancel, simply give us 30 days notice and we’ll pull the subscription. The 30 days notice means you will more than likely have one more billing cycle with us before we part ways.

I just paid for advertising. When will I get the print magazine with my ad?

Because design work and printing takes time, your advertising will be in an issue in roughly 2 months time. Did you order a one-time design work? We’ll be in touch VERY shortly to make sure you get a great looking ad. Need to send us artwork? Email it to query@glassbeakerpublishing.com